Types of Christmas Tree Skirt

Christmas tree skirts come in many styles, shapes and colours - so it's really not difficult to find one that ticks all the right boxes for your needs.

Most skirts are round in shape, but there are also other delightful oval, square, hexagonal, and even heart or star-shaped skirts, available to buy.

The convenience of buying an Xmas tree skirt online is that you can quickly browse through dozens of options to decide whether a particular skirt is likely to go well with your tree.

There are literally hundreds of different styles of tree skirts to choose from, from cheap felt, cotton and plastic skirts to more expensive elaborate and plush satin, velvet and faux fur products. Willow, wicker, zinc and rattan skirts are more solid structures which sit tidily around the base of any type of Christmas tree.

Let's take a look at a few types of tree skirt which are popular choices at Christmas in homes throughout the UK.

The Willow Tree Skirt: Priced at around £20 to £30, this type of skirt comes in various colours including natural, lacquered brown, black, white and grey, These lovely skirts are beautifully hand-woven from willow twigs.

 They go well with both most rustic and modern trees but do check the size before buying to ensure it is large enough for your tree. 

You don't want to buy a standard sized willow skirt for a 7 foot tree and not know what to do with it afterwards. A word of advice here - experience over the years shows this type of skirt is extremely popular in the UK and sells out fast in the run-up to Christmas day. Therefore it makes sense to order as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

This elegant looking type of skirt has the appearance of a woven basket with no bottom - it is also available to buy in other materials including rattan, wicker and bamboo.

Positioning this type of solid tree skirt can be a tricky if you buy it after you have already erected and decorated your Christmas tree. If this is the situation you find yourself in, an option is to get someone to help you carefully raise your tree off the ground and place the wicker skirt underneath it. Maybe someone will eventually invent a wicker skirt with a hinged door built into it which could be opened to allow it to be placed around a tree that in already in place and decorated.

The Santa and Presents Christmas Tree Skirt: This is a very popular choice and really adds some sparkle to the base of any tree. Images of reindeer and lots of boxes of Christmas presents may suggest this skirt is only of interst to children, but we can assure you this one's classy enough to look good in any setting and in front of audience of any age. 

Another festive option is a pure white skirt made from cotton wool, and adorned with silver snowflakes, which creates the appearance of a blanket of snow and really fits in with the theme of Christmas.

And you may also like to consider an illuminated option on sale at Amazon - based on the theme of a snowman - which has a series of blue, red, green and purple LED lights built into the 48-inch skirt which change colour at regular intervals. 

The lights operate with three AA batteries, making this product a bright and colourful way to enhance your Yuletide experience.

Sorrento Tree Skirts: We really must give a mention to the stunning Sorrento range of skirts. These look seriously classy and do an amazing job of enhancing the base of any real or articificial Xmas tree.


The Sorrento skirt range is massive - for example, there are more than 250 to choose from at Amazon alone. When it comes to colour, gold and silver feature prominently but there are many other subtle and rich choices available including burgundy, dark blue, silky white, olive green, purple, coffee. 

Sorrento skirts are nicely padded to give them plenty of body and they comprise 100% polyurethane or foam filling. Prices range from around £15 to £30.

Several materials are available including faux fur, faux silk and knitted fabric. Many of these beautiful skirts are adorned with intricate stitching and embroidery which features a range of tasteful little festive motifs of holly leaves and berries, reindeer and snowflakes. Some have a lovely embroidered tartan design, while others decorated with glitter and sequins.

The Linen Bell Tree SkirtNot quite rustic but definitely with a vintage touch is how we would describe this linen and velvet skirt studded with bells at the hem.

It looks lovely under any tree because the beige and crimson combination seeks not to merge with the surroundings but to stand out with distinct aesthetic value. 

Take time when place your gifts around the tree in such a manner as to be able to show off this piece of art if you do finally decide that this is the Christmas tree skirt for you. The price is around £30.

Personalised Tree Skirt: Would you like your Christmas tree skirt to show your family name? Or 'Merry Christmas', perhaps? Or some other message which only you can conceive of? 

For around £30, that is entirely possible. Personalisation of tree skirts if a popular option and various materials which feature this service are available to buy including velvet, jute, hessian and cotton. You can choose between red and white, green and white and grey and white trims. 

Some personalised skirts come in a drawstring bag made of cotton, making them ideal gifts for friends and family. The bag also makes it easy for you to store the skirt for the next season. The lettering or personalised skirts is available in many different fonts and colours including silver, gold, red, black, purple and pink. 

Personalised skirts can come with a range of cheery festive motifs and logos including Santa and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Christmas crackers, holly leaves and snowmen. A popular size for a personalised skirt is 95cm diameter and 327cm circumference. 

Cheap and Cheerful Felt Skirt: Many people simply want a cheap and basic skirt for their tree, preferring to spend their hard-earned cash on Christmas gifts and other festive goodies. If you fall into this category there are dozens of cheap Christmas tree skirts for around £5 to £10 - or even less!


A simple white cotton skirt which looks like a round bed of snow is another great choice for around £5. This makes an excellent base to lay out nativity figures depicting the birth of baby Jesus in the stable. It is also a nice base for placing small Christmas gifts and novelties.

There are also many felt skirts in traditional festive green and red - these are often embellished with a colourful trim and little snowmen, Santas, reindeer or a Merry Christmas message. 

Some felt skirts cost as little as £3 so you can't expect them to last many years before becoming a bit tired and tatty - but hey, at that price, it's always an option to buy a new one after a few festive seasons.

Another cheap option is the Aytai 36-inch diamater red skirt which comes with a stylish golden ruffle edge and gold ribbon ties. This skirt costs around £5 and is suitable for hand-washing.

These low price offerings don't get any cheaper than the red felt Gluckliy Christmas with a snowmen pattern. Costing a mere £2, this skirt isn't going to last a lifetime but it is certainly bright and cheery enough to keep young girls and boys happy when they are having fun around the Christmas tree.

These are just a few examples, but if you want to keep your spending to a minimum, there are dozens of great looking skirts available in the low price range.

Large Luxury Embroidered Xmas Tree Skirt: If you really want to splash out to make the base of your tree look great, why not treat yourself to an elegant embroidered offering? These are truly impressive and some are so exquisite they are worth keeping as family heirlooms to be passed down from generation to generation.

Some of these skirts come with real bobbles and other elements sewn on, creating a 3D effect - everything is hand stitched and not hand painted. The rich colours, the high quality felt and delicate embrodiery and stitching make these plush skirts well worth investing in.

The finish is flawless and the finished product, exquisite. And at around £30, they doesn't cost the world, either. These beautiful pieces measure around 45 inches and are definitely worth taking a look at.

Gold and Cream Luxury Christmas Tree Skirt: A lustrous and aesthetically pleasing skirt made from a mix of fabrics (and satin weave), this 90cm Christmas tree skirt has a three-dimensional Santa with Christmas gifts. 

Santa is dressed in faux fur trimmed sleeves and you would rarely find a cuter beady eyed Santa! The back is plain gold while the trim is striped in gold and dark red, giving the skirt a very rich and warm look. The price for this lovely skirt is around £20.

There are some really exquisite offerings in the Sorrento range of 50-inch skirts including a Highland Holiday Tartan skirt, a quilted embroidery skirt and a deluxe polar fleece snowflake skirt.

Luxury Country Christmas Tree Skirt with 3D Santa: Actually, there are also three dimensional snowman and presents designed into this elaborate skirt.This is definitely a luxury item and the good news is that it is priced lesser than many of the items we have discussed so far, at around £25.

The diameter is a full 42 inches and this skirt will secure around your tree with three ties. The 3 dimensional figures look, for want of a better word, cosy. They are beautiful and will make your entire set up look homely and inviting. And for Christmas, what else do you need, right?

If you have time to spare - which most working parents don't have in the hectic run-up to December 25, you could consider making your own tree skirt with your children. You could well make it a DIY project for them and yourself and have a lot of fun while you are at it. 

Depending upon your level of skill and the time you can afford to invest, you could come up with something really interesting, and something to boast about to your friends and family. All you need to do is buy a few materials from your local craft store, and away you go! 

This is not really an option for most families as are already too many other pressing tasks to get sorted out for Christmas including buying all the presents for friends and family, getting the larder stocked up for Christmas dinner and decking out your home with decorations.