Christmas Tree Toppers

When it comes to making your Christmas tree look fantastic during the festive season, we've got things covered from top to bottom!

Having a stylish looking skirt works wonders for the base of your tree - but a festive topper also plays a key part in making your tree look truly spectacular.

We feature an impressive range of Xmas tree toppers including Christmas angels, giant light-up snowflakes, ribbon and tinsel bows, fairies, Santas and sparkling stars of Bethlehem.

We feature an extensive range of tree toppers from leading UK stores including Festive Lights, B&Q, Argos, Selections, M&S, Graham & Green, Christmas Trees & Lights, eBay and shopping giant Amazon.   Read more about choosing a Christmas tree topper below.                                                                       

Make your Tree Stand out with a Star or Angel Topper 

A tree topper lets you add a distinctive and unique feature to the apex of your real or artificial Christmas tree - the traditional topper has been around for decades and no tree is complete without one.

For some families, the placing of the topper on a tree is a significant event - it confirms that the setting up and decorating of the tree is complete and Christmas Day is really on its way.

Most tree toppers are very affordable and there's plenty of choice available - a cheap Xmas tree topper will cost around £5 but a deluxe topper, made of top quality materials or a light-up feature, will cost around £10 to £20.

Some people opt to make their own tree topper, an activity which especially appeals to kids - but if you don't have the time, patience or skills to create your own topper, there's no shortage of fantastic products to buy in a range of sizes, styles and colours.

The most popular choice of tree topper takes the form of an angel or star, but there are plenty of other options available to buy. Angels, stars, Santa, snowmen, fairies and even cartoon character tree toppers let you leave a unique stamp on your Christmas tree.

If you choose the right tree topper, it will tie in blend in perfectly with all your other tree lighting and decorations, creating a centrepiece you can be truly proud of.

Traditional star tree toppers range in colours, sizes, and materials, making them a classic choice for topping off your fresh or artificial tree this year. Stars have long been a firm favourite in UK homes, symbolising the Bethlehem star on the night of Jesus’ birth. 

We feature sparkling stars in various colours including silver, gold, black, red, blue, white, purple and pink. Light-up battery or mains-powered stars are a great idea and really add brightness and warmth to you Christmas tree setting.

A Christmas angel is another popular choice for a festive topper on your tree - the peaceful look of a graceful and beautiful angel atop your tree helps to remind family and friends of the true meaning of Christmas. 

Some angel toppers have become family heirlooms and have been passed down from generation to generation.

Angels vary in price from basic felt or cotton products, costing under £5, to deluxe angels made from the finest materials, costing more than £20. 

Some plush angels feature a flowing white and silver dress, feathered wings and are finished with lace edging coated in glitter. The look is completed with stylish ceramic hands and face.

Other delightful looking angels, made with natural materials, feature hessian robes, faux fur trimming, pine cones and twig garland wings.

Popular colours for angel toppers are white, gold, silver, cream, ivory, red, blue, pink and purple. Fairy or pixie toppers are becoming a favourite alternative to the traditional angel.

If you want something really eye-catching, why not opt for a modern illuminated angel which features fibre optic strands that light up the wings and dress in spectacular fashion?

Kids just love the Santa Claus tree topper - after all, he's the cheery bearded character they all want to bring them plenty of wonderful gifts on Christmas Eve. His big belly, red attire, and bushy white beard remind them of what the asked the big jolly man for. 

Santa toppers are available in many styles, sizes and colours - most feature the traditional red hat and jacket, with white fur trimmings, we all associate with Father Christmas, but other options are available with gold, white or brown robes. A cheap and small Santa tree topper will cost around £5 but you can expect £15 or more for a deluxe one.

The snowman tree topper is yet another choice available to you. Kids just love snowmen and having this fluffy white character, with beaded little eyes and a carrot nose, perched on top of a Christmas tree is guaranteed to bring cheer to any little boy or girl. 

There are dozens of styles of snowman toppers to choose from - these include the classic snowman made of a giant snowball body and head, snowmen heads on giant snowflakes, cuddly snowmen packed with fluffy stuffing and shimmering snowmen made of glass or perspex which glimmer and shine when light reflects off them.

Rotating and spinning tree toppers are a fairly new innovation which are starting to become very popular in UK homes at Christmas time. These come in many forms including stars, angels and snowflakes and provide some eye-catching movement to the top of any real or artificial tree.

A very impressive rotating topper takes the form of a 14-light mirror ball star. This lovely product features a classic five point star which has cut out centre that's filled with a rotating disco ball, and a polar star tree topper with LED colour-changing lights. Other rotating toppers include a star tree-top with a revolving Santa scene 

The fibre-optic or LED giant snowflake topper has become a very popular alternative in recent years and this option certainly brightens up your home during the festive season.

The giant snowflake tree topper is another option to add the finishing touch to your tree - they are available in various materials including acrylic, plastic, glass, porcelain, or even cloth. Glitter, sequins or beading is added to many snowflake toppers to create a festive shimmering effect. 

The vibrant glow of a snowflake tree topper nestled upon your tree will bring joyous smiles from family and friends who visit you during Yuletide.

As you can see, there's no shortage of wonderful toppers available to buy in order to add festive sparkle and radiant ambiance to your tree in the run up to December 25.