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We bring you all the buying information, tips and advice you need to help you find the right skirt for your real or artificial Christmas tree - read about the different types of tree skirt, the benefits of owning one and how to clean and maintain a skirt. We also feature various other accessories you can buy to make the base of your tree look fantastic during the festive season, including nativity scenes and tree stands.
Types of Tree Skirt

The Types of
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A Stylish Skirt adds a Touch of Class to your Christmas Tree 

A Christmas tree skirt adds a touch of class to any real or artificial Xmas tree - and we bring you all the information you need to find the ideal skirt for the festive season.

A skirt is the perfect solution for covering up the stand at the base of your tree and keeping all those annoying tangled wires and cables from Christmas tree lights out of sight.

Prices for these colourful skirts range from around £10 for a cheap and basic plastic, cotton or felt skirt to more than £30 for a plush velvet, faux fur, rattan, willow, wicker or satin skirt.

We also bring you a range of Christmas tree stands which are the ideal way to support a real Xmas tree safely and securely in your home - and we feature plenty of other accessories to make your tree look amazing, including tree toppers and nativity scenes and figures.

No matter how beautifully decorated your Christmas tree is, it still needs a skirt to complete its appearance - unless you are decorating a real fir tree growing in your garden! If you have a real Christmas tree in your home, even the perfect decor can be marred by an unsightly freshly hewn trunk. 

And you most definitely need a skirt if your own an artificial tree to hide the unattractive metal base or stand - and also to cover up the messy tangle of wires from your Christmas tree lights. 

Christmas tree skirts are sold by many leading UK stores these days including Argos, B&Q, Homebase, Marks & Spencer, eBay, The Gift Experience, John Lewis, Light in the Box and Festive Lights. We feature an impressive range from shoping giant Amazon.

Christmas tree skirts are a stylish and colourful way to make the base of your tree look truly impressive - and there's a lot of different styles and designs to choose from, in a range of tasteful patterns and themes.

These skirt are available in a range of colours so it's not hard to find one that suits the colour décor of your room and other festive decorations - popular options include red, beige, white, blue, silver, gold, yellow, orange, green, brown, pink, purple and black.

Whether you are looking for a trendy and contemporary tree skirt for the modern home or a rustic and vintage style of skirt for an older style property, you're sure to find something that appeals here. 

From simple and cheap Christmas tree skirts to luxury tree skirts, made from quality material, we're convinced we've got what you're looking for. There's an extensive choice of materials to choose from including cotton, felt, jute, plastic, hemp, linen, wool, velvet, rattan, willow, satin weave, paper, wicker, hessian and faux fur.

A Good Quality Skirt at the Base of Your Tree will Last for Years

So, how do you choose a Christmas tree skirt, anyway? Obviously, according to the look of your tree which, doubtless, you bought to match your existing decorations on your tree and elsewhere around your living room, conservatory or other room in the your home. 

Why would you need a skirt in the first place? Probably because you don't want the exposed trunk or stand to mar the decor and also because a Christmas tree skirt is an enhancement in its own right. 

It adds a touch of class and nicely rounds off your Christmas decorations in a way you wouldn't have envisioned before you got yourself one. Yes, this is one of those things that can be equated with the feeling ' now why didn't I think of that before' !

The first thing to do is to measure your tree. Measure along the longest branches: the skirt could match the diameter, exceed it a little or be a little smaller. If you decide you are going to show off the skirt - and there are those you'd love to show off - then a little larger would be perfect. 

If the skirt is going to be an enhancement for the fully decorated tree, you will want one that stops short of the diameter of the tree and remains relatively innocuous while still occupying a position of significance. There is also the walkway to think of - you don't want your guests to trip over an extra large and overflowing Christmas tree skirt.

There are many types of Christmas tree skirt to choose from. You could go for a snowman theme if your tree has a similar theme already. Or you could opt for something vintage and traditional - maybe a skirt embroidered with a rustic Christmas scene or intricate applique design to add some timeless beauty to your tree base. 

Christmas tree skirts made of natural material like burlap and hessian are quite beautiful as well and they usually come in bright splashes of colour - often dark red and green - which impart a sort of golden hue to the bright ochre base. 

If you are going to have a lot of Christmas lights on the tree, a velvet, faux fur or satin skirt could be the perfect choice for you. They look absolutely gorgeous. 

And then there is the snowflake skirt. This could be a skirt designed as one large snowflake or one that has hand-painted or three dimensional snowflakes on it. Either way, with the right theme in place, snowflake Christmas tree skirts look stunning.

Tree skirts are much more than just a novelty decoration - there's no lack of advantages to be gained from owning one. Here's just a few of the obvious benefits to consider.

  • Hide messy Xmas tree lights and cables
  • A soft base to collect falling tree pine needles 
  • A place to display a nativity scene or figures
  • Display Christmas gifts on the skirt 
  • A great accessory to cover an ugly tree stand
  • Makes a tree base look more attractive

There's something for everyone, whether you own a real Christmas tree, a pop up tree, a pre-lit tree fibre optic tree or a standard artificial tree which you have adorned with your own baubles and lights. 

Most tree skirts are made of various types of soft material to enable them to be easily spread around the base of a tree. However, many people like the idea of a solid structure skirt which looks a bit like a basket without a base - this style of skirt is usually made of woven willow branches, wicker, rattan or bamboo. 

If you want to keep your spending to a minimum there's no shortage of cheap and cheerful skirts, made of felt, paper, cotton or other basic materials, which are certainly capable of doing justice to your tree. These cheaper options are usually brightly-coloured and add to the Christmas spirit and often features various festive themes including Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Santa Claus and his Elves, Christmas presents, Snowmen, angels, snowflakes and holly leaves.


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The history of the Christmas tree skirt can be traced back to the 17th century. Tree skirts were around as far back as the 1870s in Germany when they took the form of circular tree mats which were used to collect dripping wax from lit candles were were attached to bows on a Christmas tree. These early skirts prevented falling pines from making a mess of the floor area beneath a fresh Xmas tree. 

Some years later they started to become much more stylish and colourful and were decorated with quilted patchwork, patterns and festive motifs. Some skirts are reversible, with a different design and colour on each side - a classic case of getting two for the price of one!

You should never, ever choose a Christmas tree skirt before your tree is fully decorated. Unless, that is, you would prefer to go the circuitous route and decorate to match the skirt! 

To help you really get in the Christmas spirit, we also bring you a few other novel fabric items on the festive theme including musical Christmas door mats, Santa sacks and a Santa toilet seat cover, which comes with a snowman toilet roll holder and bathroom floor rug set.