Nativity Scenes, Sets & Figures

A tree skirt provides an excellent base for displaying a nativity scene or a series of little nativity figures.

Nativity scenes and figures help remind everyone of the true meaning of Christmas and they look truly delightful, nestling at the base of a real or artificial tree.

Kids love the festive task of laying out the wooden, ceramic or clay figures around the tree in the run up to Santa's visit on Christmas Eve.

We feature an impressive range of wooden, glass, resin, fabric, ceramic and porcelain nativity scenes and figures from leading UK stores.                                                                              

Create a Lovely Manger Scene below your Christmas Tree 

Nativity scenes and figures are the ideal way to re-create the setting when Jesus was born in a stable at Christmas time.

We bring you an extensive range of nativity sets and figures in many sizes, styles and materials including resin, plaster, ceramic, crystal, fibreglass, wood, porcelain, plastic, felt, clay and glass.

Wooden nativity sets and figures, made from teak, oak, beech, mahogany, cedar, olive wood, maple and pine are a popular choice. They ooze rustic appeal and are often very intricately carved and varnished.

Christmas tree skirts - especially those made of white wool or cotton to look like a blanket of snow - provide a superb setting for a nativity scene or figures.

Nativity scenes are available to buy in many styles, from traditional and ornate, to abstract and contemporary for a modern home setting.

Pre-moulded Ceramic, clay and resin nativity scenes and crèches are usually quite cheap and some have a musical feature built in which plays traditional Christmas carols.

If you wish to spend a bit more you might be interested in a deluxe glass, porcelain or crystal nativity set.

Carved and hand-painted figurines of Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men look really wonderful when tastefully displayed below a tree.

Some people like to build up their nativity scene over a period of years, adding additional carved or moulded figures of shepherds, angels and various animals such as a donkey, cattle, sheep and camels.

Illuminated nativity scenes, which are powered by batteries or mains are another popular option - these will light up the area at the base of your true and create a wonderful festive atmosphere.

Fabric nativity scenes and figures, made from felt, canvas, wool, cotton and cardboard, are very popular with kids - many comes as colouring or handicraft nativity activity kits to keep young boys and girls busy creating a little manger scene in the run up to Christmas Day.

The Playmobil Christmas Nativity Manger and Stable - which costs around £30 - has become a big favourite with young children in the UK.

A cheap nativity scene will cost around £5 to £10, but you can expect to pay considerably more for a plush product, made of top quality materials.