Christmas Tree Skirts - £10 to £20

There are some excellent tree skirts in this price range - every one capable of adding that special touch to the base of your real or artificial Christmas tree.

From glittery sequin or tastefully ebroidered skirts to classic jute, wicker and rattan solid frame cover tidy skirts which hide unsightly tree stands, there's something for everyone here.

There's plenty of choice when it comes to colour including red, green, gold, silver, champagne, ice blue and purple - some skirts feature elegant motifs and designs, while others are adorned with traditional Xmas images including Santa, reindeer, holly leaves, snowflakes and snowmen

Treat your Tree to a Willow, Velvet or Classy Embroidered Skirt  

A colourful skirt is a must if you are looking for a way to brighten up the base of your Christmas tree, while hiding away fairy light cables and an unsightly tree stand into the bargain.

These charming tree accessories have never been more popular as families throughout the UK get wise to the benefits of buying a tree skirt.

Popular sizes of skirt in this price range have a diameter of 30, 35, 48 or 50 inches. You should always ensure you measure the diameter of your tree before buying a skirt to add a touch of style to the base of it.

If you are looking for something truly stylish, you can't go wrong with a tree skirt from the impressive Sorrento range - these are available in various colours including white, gold, silver, black, cherry red and purple. 

They are usually embroidered with little holly leaves, pine branches and other charming festive emblems and some feature a ruffle velvet or handcraft pintuck border. 

It almost goes without saying, but your skirt should only be put in place when you've completed all your other tree tasks - spreading the branches out, adding the lights, baubles, tinsel and, of course, the obligatory fairy or festive star on the top!

Once everything is in place on your tree, you can lay out the tree skirt at the base to complete the overall appearance of your festive centrepiece.