Christmas Tree Skirts under £10

You’re spoilt to choice here when it comes to finding a lovely Christmas tree skirt for under a tenner! There are plenty of colourful and eye-catching offerings, adorned with festive characters, motifs and designs.

Even though the tree skirts in this price range cost £10 or less,  but they are still more than capable or working their magic when it comes to adding sparkle and style to the base of your Christmas tree.

There are some really stylish skirts in this cheap range in a variety of sizes, design and colours including blue, red, green, yellow. purple, white, gold and silver. Felt and cotton are popular choices of material, but other options are available for large and small skirts  

Most of them are bright and cheery in appearance, to add the Xmas spirit, and they really make the base of your tree look much more interesting and organised - no more unsightly Christmas tree stands and tree light cables and wiring.

Use a Tree Skirt to Hide Those Ugly Xmas Tree Lights Wires

Once you fit a base skirt on your Christmas tree, you’ll wonder why you didn’t buy one years ago - they really are a great way to make the lower area of your tree look impressive. 

A tree skirt also brightens up the area at the base of the tree where many families like to gather on Christmas Day, when excited young boys and girls open their presents from Santa. And, of course, these skirts are a fantastic way to keep all those unpleasant tangled tree lights wires out of sight. They are also do a sterling job at collecting sharp and messy pine needles that fall from real Christmas trees.

These affordable and stylish skirts are not just for the home - they are a great way to add the finishing touch to a Christmas tree in an office, school, restaurant or pub. In fact, they are ideal for just about anywhere you find a Christmas tree erected indoors.

Whether you are looking for a cheap fun skirt for your kids, adorned with a host of Christmas characters including Santa, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, a snowman and Santa's Elves, or a more elaborate velvet or satin skirt, embroidered with festive motifs, you're sure to find something that appeals here.

A tree skirt is a great place to position small Christmas gifts or to spread out a set of ceramic, wooden or porcelain nativity figures. 

You'll find dozens of lovely skirts here from reputable UK stores including John Lewis, Amazon, Wilko, M&S, Argos, Notcutts and Universal Textiles.

If you want a really plush tree skirt, made of the finest materials and embellishments, you should find what you are after in our deluxe Christmas tree skirt range.