Christmas Tree Skirts over £20

The Christmas tree skirts in this price range are the jewels in the crown when it comes to elegance and real style - there are some very impressive skirts here, with charming designs embroidered on linen, silk or velvet,

The extra large skirts in the Sorrento and WeRChristmas ranges are particularly eye-catching and capable of making the base of any real or artificial tree look divine.

You’ll also find some solid willow weave skirts in this price range which add plenty of rustic charm to trees, especially the real variety. Tree skirts are available in various sizes, with 36,48 and 50 inch diameters being among the popular options.


A Plush Skirt will make your Xmas Tree even More Impressive 

These skirts will get the base of your tree looking better than ever - they really ooze style and feature many eye-catching colours and designs.

There are some truly exquisite tree skirts in this price range, made from various plush materials including faux fur, velvet, silk, lace, satin, quilted fabric and jute.

There are several plush skirts in subtle colours and tints for those who want their tree base addition to look tasteful and elegant. However, there are plenty of skirts in more vibrant colours for those who just want to make their tree look as visually-powerful as possible - traditional Christmas red, green and white are the favourite choices, but gold, purple, silver and blue skirts are also a popular choice in homes throughout the UK.

Some skirts can be washed in your washing machine, while others are only suitable for cleaning with a soapy cloth. They provide a great place to pile up all you smaller Christmas gifts and treats during Yuletide.

There are so many designs to choose from - poinsetta, holly, ivy, snowflakes and stars are among the most popular. A fluffy faux fur skirt that looks like a soft bed of fallen snow is also an excellent choice.

These skirts have been around for years and there are now more styles to choose from than ever before - children just love decorating the family Xmas tree in the run up to Christmas day and fitting a skirt covered in colourful festive images just adds to the thrill of the festive season.

Don’t forget to choose a skirt that’s big enough in diameter to cover the whole area at the base of your tree.