Christmas Tree Stands

If you’ve spent time in the past trying to get a real Christmas tree to stand up straight and stable in a bucket filled with sand or soil, you’ll know how challenging it can be - that’s when a Christmas proper tree stand can come to your rescue.

Christmas tree stands are big business these days for good reason - they do an amazing job of ensuring your fresh tree is safe and stable during the festive season. 

We feature many types of stand including the style with spiked screws to grip the tree trunk, water reservoir stands which keep your tree’s leaves moist to reduce shedding, and revolving stands for artificial trees which turn 360 degrees to display all your tree decorations.

Tree stands are made of various materials including plastic cast iron, metal, resin and steel.


Keep Your Real or Artificial Xmas Tree Safe and Stable with a Stand 

A Christmas tree stand really does give you peace of mind when it comes to getting your real Xmas tree looking secure and safe - and your tree with look fantastic into the bargain.

Safety is something which is definitely paramount if you have lively young children in your home. We feature an impressive range of metal, aluminium or cast iron stands in various sizes and styles, including spiked bucket and water feeder stands.

Stands made from toughened plastic or resin are remarkably durable and stable, but it you want to be extra cautious, especially if you have young kids in your home, you may wish buy a heavier cast iron or metal stand.

If you buy a stand with a water feeder reservoir tank it's important to choose one that's really up to the job of keeping your tree supplied with a ready source of liquid. A larger fresh tree will be very thirsty so you will need a large reservoir that fits the bill.

Krinner is a reputable brand name when it comes to water feeder stands. The make stands which cater for small trees, but their extra large stands can accommodate trees up to 13 feet tall, with a trunk diameter of up to seven inches.

Revolving tree stands for artificial trees are all the the rage these days - they are normally made of steel and look like traditional stands with stick out support legs. The big difference is they are powered by the main and rotate 360 degrees ever minute or so, allowing all your tree decorations and baubles to be displayed in your home. 

Normally, with a traditional static spiked stand, an area of a tree is unseen because it faces a corner of a room - this means any decorations at the rear will never be fully admired by family and friends who visit you during the festive season.

These heavy-duty stands are surprisingly strong and can hold the weight of fully decorated trees up to 100lbs.They cost around £20 to £40, depending on their size.

We feature Xmas tree stands from major UK stores including Argos, Tesco, Amazon, eBay, John Lewis and B&Q.