Accessories to Add Charm to your Christmas Tree

A colourful and stylish skirt is just of many accessories which help to make your Christmas tree look impressive during the festive season.

Whether you opt for a real Christmas tree or an artificial tree, you are going need various little extras to give it that special look that makes it a stunning Xmas feature in your home.

Many artificial trees these days come with lights already attached to them, such as fibre optic Christmas tree and pre-lit trees with little LED lights. Another popular modern choice is the pop up Christmas tree for people who don't want the hassle or putting up a traditional tree.

If you need to add lights to your tree, there's no shortage of styles available from multi-coloured string lights to LED rope lights, icicle lights, net lights, colour-changing fairy lights and large bulb lights. Which ever you opt for, your lights are the key to making your tree look bright and eye-catching.

Baubles are another key feature for any tree which needs to be decorated - once again, these are available in dozens of sizes, styles and colours. Traditional red and green baubles are always popular, but other options include silver, gold, white, purple, pink and black.

Some people also choose to hang chocolates wrapped in metallic paper on their trees - these are usually shaped like snowmen, reindeer, elves, Santa, nativity figures, angels and other popular festive characters. Carefully positioning mini Christmas crackers between the branches of a tree is another popular habit.

No tree is complete without a Christmas tree topper - the traditional angel or star is what most people like to place on the top of their tree, but there are many other options available to buy including a fairy, Santa, snowman, ribbon or tinsel bows and even a giant icicle or snowflake.

We feature a huge range of stylish Christmas tree toppers in our site store, so you won't have a problem finding the perfect accessory to adorn the top of your real or artificial tree.

You've certainly got everything covered from top to bottom when you have a tree topper in position at the apex of your tree and a lovely tree skirt laid out around the base.

Another key accessory is the traditional Christmas tree stand - you certainly need one of these if you buy a real tree for the festive season. In the past, many people simply embedded their tree trunk in a bucket of sand, but nowadays most people buy a proper stand to ensure their tree is safe and stable.

We feature plenty of top quality metal, plastic, steel, aluminium and cast iron Christmas tree stands, in a variety of sizes and styles including spiked bucket and water feeder stands.

These stands do a fantastic job of keeping a tree upright and stable, but many of them looking a tad unsightly - that's where a Christmas tree skirt really comes into its own by making the base of a tree look much more visually attractive.

Another way of enhancing the appearance of your Christmas tree is to place a nativity scene or figures at the base, on top of the skirt. A selection of little ceramic, porcelain or clay figures associated with the manger scene can look very impressive indeed. This idea works really well when the figures are laid out on a white tree skirt that resembled a blanket of snow. Check out our range of nativity scenes and figures.

As you can see, there's no shortage of lovely extras and accessories which can help make your Christmas tree look truly magnificent.