Christmas Tree Skirt Reviews

There are hundreds  of different Christmas tree skirts available to buy these days - so finding the one that's right for you can be a real struggle

We've rounded up a few of the most popular tree skirts around to give you a helping hand at finding one that will work well with your real or artificial tree.

We give you the low-down on each skirt and award a star rating, based on our overall evaluation of the product - we also provide a link to our shopping partner Amazon to let you read more about each skirt reviewed.

Willow Tree Skirt

Willow Basket Tree Skirt


This type of solid structure tree skirt looks a bit like a basket without a base and costs around £20.

It comprises several willow branches carefully entwined to offer an appealing alternative to a traditional soft material skirt.

Wicker skirts sit nicely around the base of any real or artificial Christmas tree and will hide those unsightly cables and tree stands.

This skirt also features a decorative label with the wording 'Established 1838 Clarence O Bigelow Apothercary Sixth Avenue Below Ninth Street New York'.

The skirt has a top diameter of 43cms and a bottom diameter of 53cms, making it perfect for most standard size trees. 

Here's a few comments from a few happy customers who have already bought this stylish tree skirt.

'Lovely tree skirt to hide a less pretty stand!'

'Looks great round my artificial tree'

'Really adds a finishing touch to my tree'

'Great - a wonderful Xmas tree essential'

Felt Xmas Tree Skirt

Velishy Felt Tree Skirt 


This is a cheap and cheerful skirt which cost less than £5, but it still guaranteed to liven up the appearance of any tree base.

It is mainly red in colour, with a green trim - the two colours which feature so prominently on many other festive decorations and accessories.

This basic, but perfectly adequate skirt, also features an image of Santa - which means it sure to be a hit with the kids.

It will do a great job of catching those falling pine needles, if you have a real Christmas tree in your home.

The skirt is 90cms in diameter and is made of soft felt material.

Here's what a few previous buyers said about this product from Eddington.

'Exactly what i was looking for'

'Absolutely brilliant - great price'

Wonderful!! Getting lots of comments from visitors'

'Lovely - better than was expected for price'

Luxury Tree Skirt

Wewill Luxury Tree Skirt


This appealing skirt adds real sparkle to the base of a tree, fitting in perfectly with the spirit of Christmas.

Costing around £18, the Wewill skirt measures 90cms in diameter and is made of a soft, plush and thick felt material, meaning in will stay in place on a tree base and won't be prone to sliding or wrinkling.

The skirt has a lovely ruffled silver edge and features cute images Santa, Christmas trees and snowflakes, which all add to its overall appeal. It also has to handy ties for fixing the skirt securely in place.

This luxury skirt will work well with most small, medium and large real or artificial Xmas trees. 

If you're looking for a skirt that's made of durable material, and looks cheery and festive, you can't go far wrong with this delightful offering.'

Below are a few positive comments from previous buyers of this popular tree skirt.

'Good quality. It has finished off my tree'

'Easily put round the tree and tied'

'Perfect - five stars for this lovely skirt'

'Beautiful tree skirt - recommended'

Sorrento Tree Skirts

Sorrento Skirt Range


Some people go to great lengths to get their Christmas tree looking really spectacular and decorated to perfection.

If you fall into this category, then a tree skirt in the plush Sorrento range is certainly worth considering, to round-off your tree presentation in style.

There are dozens of Sorrento skirts to choose from and they are all very luxurious, elegant and capable of making the base of any tree look incredible.

Many Sorrento skirts are made from rich-looking silver or gold material, but there are many other colours available including blue, white, purple, cream, green and - so everyone is catered for.

Faux silk and faux fur features prominently in Sorrento skirts. Many of them are exquisitely embroidered and have a classy hand pintucked cuff. Some are adorned with intricate patterns and festive motifs.

Most Sorrento skirts fall in the £15 to £25 and they certainly look much more expensive than they actually cost.

There's no shortage of delighted customers who have bought skirts in the Sorrento range - here's what a few had to say about their purchases.

'I'm surprised at how beautiful this item is'

'Beautifully made - very luxurious'

'Lovely material and nice detailing'

'Gorgeous tree skirt - absolutely stunning.'